Cacioso y Achu (Breezly and Sneezly) (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)
Flipper (Ivan Tors Productions/MGM Television) (1964)
El gran mundo del pequeño Adam (The Big World Of Little Adam) (Banner Films/Little Adam Productions) (1964)
Jhonny Quest (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)
Lassie y los guardabosques (Lassie,U.S. Forest Service) (Lassie Television/Robert Maxwell Associates/Wrather Productions) (1964)
Maguila Gorila (Magilla Gorilla) (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)
El meteoro submarino (Stingray) (AP Films/Associated Television) (1964)
La pantera rosa (The Pink Panther show) (DePatie-Freleng) (1964)
Pepe Potamo y So-So (Peter Potamus and So-So) (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)
Ricochet Rabbit (Ricochet Rabbit & Droopalong) (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)
Viva,Bravo y Hurra (Yippee,Yappee,Yahooey) (Hanna-Barbera) (1964)